Card Access

Card Access

Biometric Access Control SystemThe ultimate aim of authentication technology is to provide access to an authorised person only.

In today’s environment, Bio Metric Security gives you an advanced and powerful tool to achieve higher levels of security and control. Bio Metric Access and Attendance Systems are advanced products wherein fingerprint recognition is optimised along with optical and software application.

We, at Achinthya Info, provide various models of these Bio Metric Attendance and Access Control Systems, which can use fingerprint recognition as well as RF cards and passwords and also the face recognisation system.

These also come in various user-capacities. The Info-Attendance Series we sell and support can be configured with electro magnetic locks for Access Control with support for SMS and e-mail notifications during an alarm event.


User Capacity: 30000
Transactions: 50000.
Support Exit Readers/Push Button
Web Based Device Manager
Support 3Rd Party Payroll/HRMS/ERP & Other Application
Communication TCP/Ip,USB,Push DATA